Cinquefoil Herb Wild Crafted Cut & Sifted

Cinquefoil Herb Wild Crafted Cut & Sifted

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Cinquefoil, also known as Five-Finger Grass, is a low-growing plant in the rose family that produces yellow flowers.

The leaf is a key ingredient in an herbal bitters formula made in Bavaria called Blutwurz.The herb also yields a red dye, which is used in the leather industry.

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approximate cups to one pound10
originunited states
active compoundsTannins, phlobaphenes, tormentol
plant part usedleaves and rhizome - rootstock
processingcut & sifted
sustainabilitywild crafted

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general guidelines and tips
storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaLight in color, with a mild aroma.


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cosmeticUsed to make mouthwash, skin washes, diaper rash salves and other cosmetics. Cinquefoil is also a good bath additive.
culinaryThe fresh herb is used as a salad green, but dried cinquefoil isn’t generally used in cooking. It is, however, taken as tea or tincture. A strong infusion of the herb is combined with honey to make homemade cough syrup.
aromaticWhile not aromatic itself, cinquefoi is sometimes combined with fragrant resins and ground spices to produce ceremonial incense.
industrialCompounds obtained from the plant are used in anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

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wild crafted, cut & sifted
cinquefoil herb

Unremarkable as a culinary herb.

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wild crafted, cut & sifted
cinquefoil herb

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wild crafted, cut & sifted
cinquefoil herb

Cinquefoil, also known as septfoil and five-finger grass, is a member of the rose family that is widely distributed throughout Europe and western Asia. Because the high tannin content gives the herb a very bitter flavor, it is not used in cooking. If, however, the young leaves and shoots are collected before the plant flowers, they are edible and pleasant as an addition to spring salads.

The thick rhizome of the plant has been harvested for centuries to produce a red dye for leather and textiles. The herb has also earned a place in folklore as an ingredient in witches’ flying ointment, as well as in many love potions and prosperity spells.

While the high concentration of tannins in the mature plant make it too bitter for use as food, the astringent properties of its compounds make it an excellent addition to topical formulations for the skin.

Background: Cinquefoil was a popular ingredient in magical potions during the Middle Ages, and thought to be especially powerful as a love potion. Fishermen used it in their nets to ensure a good harvest from the sea.

Description: A perennial plant, Cinquefoil is found primarily in dry, arid places in Canada and the United States. Its name Five finger grass comes from the growth pattern of the petioled leaves, which resemble small chubby fingers. The bright yellow flowers appear from April through August.

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