Bulk Cinnamon Chips Cut & Sifted, Organic

Cinnamomum cassia
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[ 1801 ]Cinnamomum cassiaORG

Cinnamon Chips Cut & Sifted, Organic

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While cinnamon chips have value in the kitchen, these chips are a boon to organic gardeners. Many pests that bother plants and people seem to dislike cinnamaldehyde, the chemical in the bark responsible for the strong flavor and aroma of the spice. To help keep your landscape pest-free, consider adding organic cinnamon chips to your mulch.

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information at a glance

approximate cups to one pound5
active compoundsVolatile oil, sugar and tannin
oil content2.5-3.0%
plant part usedbark
processingcut & sifted
why buy organic cut & sifted cinnamon chips?Can be added to tea blends without need to grind bark to a powder.

buying & keeping

general guidelines and tips

storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dark cabinet.
appearance & aromaRough and aromatic.


try something new

decorativePlace in bowls with other herbs and spices for an attractive display.
aromaticRepels pests when sprinkled in garden beds.
industrialCinnamon is widely used in the food, perfume and pharmaceutical industries.

flavor profile

organic, cut & sifted
cinnamon chips

Sweet and spicy with warm overtones. Compatible with other baking spices, such as ginger and nutmeg.

what else you should know

organic, cut & sifted
cinnamon chips

Cinnamon refers to the spice obtained from the bark of various species of trees in the laurel family that are distributed throughout Asia. Cassia cinnamon, also known as Chinese cinnamon, is original to southern China.

The cut pieces of dried bark, or cinnamon chips, naturally repel garden insects due to the presence of cinnamaldehyde, the same aromatic compound that lends the spice its sweet and spicy flavor.

The small pieces are also convenient to handle when mixing spice blends for making mulled wines or pickled foods. Similarly, cinnamon chips can easily be added to tea blends without the need to grind the bark into a powder.

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