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Getting the Scents of the Season

Autumn signals a return to the dark part of the year, when cooler temperatures bring us indoors and it becomes necessary to turn on the lights a bit earlier each evening. As we put away the beach towels and pull out the bulky sweaters, we long for the rituals that ease our transition into the season. The sight of changing leaf color and the sound of rustling wind invigorates, but nothing says “fall” like the scent wafting from a basket of rosy red apples, a freshly baked loaf of pumpkin bread or a bowl of fragrant spiced potpourri.
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some favorite SPICES and BOTANICALS for natural hair dye
bulk whole allspice


Use whole allspice "peppercorns" in potpourri and ground allspice in baked goods and in other cooked foods.

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bulk cinnamon chips


Sweet and spicy, this classic fragrance belongs in baked goods, potpourri and candles. Use the ground spice or the essential oil of cinnamon leaf, or both at the same time.

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bulk whole cloves


Whole cloves create a woody fragrance and visual appeal in potpourri blends, while powdered cloves adds spice to baked goods and clove bud essential oil warmth and character to candle wax.

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bulk powdered ginger root

ginger root

Use crystalized ginger root in baking, the powdered ginger root spice in baking and ginger root essential oil to scent potpourri and candles.

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bulk dried chopped orange peel

orange peel

Add dried, chopped orange peel to baked goods and hot beverages, as well as potpourri.

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dried rosemary for hair rinse

orris root

A must for potpourri! The starchy powdered root of the bearded Iris smells sweet on its own, but also acts as a fixative to extend the fragrance of all of the ingredients.

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