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Coffee: From Goat to Gourmet
Coffee, from Goat to Gourmet

What does a 9th century Ethiopian herdsman, Saint Baba Budan of India, Pope Clement VIII, Pocahontas, Oxford University and Lloyd's of London all have in common? They each had a role in the development of the caffeine culture that much of the world embraces today, a story that spans a thousand years marked by religious condemnation, civil unrest, international piracy and romance. As a result, roughly 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world each year today. That’s a lot of java!

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make your own CUSTOM COFFEE with these spices
bulk fennel seed

bulk fennel seed, whole

Fennel seed provides a mild anise-like flavor and helps to counter the coffee acidity.

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bulk cinnamon chips

bulk cinnamon chips, cut & sifted

Cinnamon adds brightness and sweetness to coffee and is a favorite in light roast coffees. Works well with other spices too, especially orange peel, ginger and cloves.

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bulk cardamom

bulk cardamom pods, whole

Common in Indian coffee blends, cardamom is often combined with cinnamon and black pepper.

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bulk dried ginger root

bulk ginger root, cut & sifted

The spicy and slightly woody flavor of ginger complements cloves and cinnamon.

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bulk cloves

bulk cloves, whole

The warm, spicy flavor and aroma of cloves is ideal with full-bodied, dark roast coffees.

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black pepper

bulk black pepper, whole

Black pepper adds dimension to the flavor of any coffee. It’s a favorite coffee additive in India, especially in regions along the Malabar Coast.

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