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hiking treats

Whether you’re a weekend warrior walker with an eye on the tallest peak in your landscape or a casual stroller of well-travelled trails, you’ll want to be ready for anything you might encounter in nature. Proper clothing and adequate footwear is essential, and a small first-aid kit is advisable. With a little more preparation, you can get a leg up on halting hunger pangs in their tracks and sustain optimal energy for the duration of your outdoor adventure. Read more about healthy hiking treats.

mix some HERBS and SPICES into snacks
bulk crystallized ginger root pieces

crystallized ginger, pieces

In addition to being an ingredient for trail mixes and bark, candied ginger is a snack food all on its own.

bulk crystallized ginger root pieces
bulk cinnamon chips

cinnamon, chips

Adding cinnamon is perfect way to add spicy-sweetness and a bit of bite to on-the-go snacks.

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bulk dried peppermint leaf

dried peppermint leaf, cut & sifted

Delivers a load of peppermint flavor without the load of sugar in peppermint candy.

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bulk goji berry

goji berry, whole

Also known as lycii, goji berry lends a tart sweetness and a satisfying nosh factor to snack foods.

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bulk dried orange peel

dried orange peel, cut & sifted

Give your hiking snacks a burst of bright flavor and tang with dried orange peel.

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bulk bee pollen granules

bee pollen, granules

Loaded with nutrients for energy, bee pollen adds a lightly, floral flavor to snacks.

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