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Natural Hair Dye
Natural Hair Dye

There are a lot of myths out there about what causes hair to “turn” gray. For example, there’s the 50-50-50 rule that predicts that 50% of the population will have 50% gray hair by age 50. But there are plenty of baby boomers walking around with their natural hair color intact and just as many 20-year-olds with premature gray. So, here’s the long and short of it: While it’s true that poor nutrition (especially B12 deficiency) and chronic stress can compromise hair and skin health, the loss of hair color has more to do with melanin and your mama.
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a sampling of botanicals to infuse for natural hair dye
dried sage for hair rinse

sage infusion

Common garden sage has long been used to darken graying hair. Start by using a sage infusion on hair daily for 5-7 days, then maintain the effect with a weekly rinse.

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dried hibiscus for hair rinse

hibiscus infusion

The vibrantly colored flowers of this tropical plant will add rich, reddish-burgundy tones to medium-to-dark shades and sassy highlights in blonde-to-light red shades.

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dried rhubarb for hair rinse

rhubarb root infusion

Light brown to darker blonde shades will take on golden honey highlights with an infusion of powdered rhubarb root., and red shades will be enhanced. Thanks to the presence of oxalic acid, the effects of this herbal rinse tend to last longer than most others.

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dried chamomile for hair rinse

chamomile infusion

This is your go-to herb if you have light hair mixed with gray or white, or light brown hair that could stand lighter highlights.

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loose black tea for hair rinse

black tea infusion

Black tea is ideal for darker shades that have become dull with the appearance of gray. For extra pizazz, add 1-2 tablespoons chicory root powder to the infusion for dark red highlights, or black currant tea for burgundy highlights.

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dried rosemary for hair rinse

rosemary infusion

Like sage, rosemary helps to darken graying hair. As an added bonus it is reputed to stimulate air growth and its properties will help to resolve dandruff and restore the pH mantle to the scalp.

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sample infusions
sleep-easy catnip capsules

a sage infusion

If you have graying hair make sage infusion (at a 1:4 ratio of botanicals to water) can darken grays. Use on hair daily, then maintain with a weekly rinse.

cozy catnip tea

a hibiscus infusion

If you have medium-to-dark hair a hibiscus infusion (at a 1:4 ratio of botanicals to water) can add reddish-burgundy tones when used as a rinse.

chamomile infusion

a chamomile infusion

If you have a light hair color try a chamomile infusion rinse (at 1:4 ratio of botanicals to water) for brighter highlights. Can also be used on light brown hair.

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