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[ MAKING SIMPLE SYRUPS (a guide) ] ~ from Herbco
making Simple Syrups (a guide)

Simple syrup is a liquid sweetener obtained by boiling sugar and water together until reduced into a thick solution with the consistency of…well, syrup. The “simple” aspect of the concoction stems from its ease of preparation and the ease in which it blends with cold beverages and, most notably, in cocktails. In fact, simple syrup is a staple that resides next to bitters and sliced fruit in the well-stocked bar. Infused with certain herbs and spices, simple syrup also has a place in the home apothecary. You could dash out to the store to buy the common variety, but it’s much more satisfying, economical and flavorful to make your own.
Read our quick quide to making simple syrups.

decocting HERBS + SPICES (a guide)
bulk whole elderberry

bulk elderberry, whole

Always the favorite herb for making syrup, elderberry stands bold on its own or blends well with rosehips, Schizandra berry, wild cherry bark and ginger root.

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bulk ashwagandha powder

bulk ashwagandha, powder

This tonic and adaptogen, also known as “Indian Ginseng,” makes a wonderful syrup to battle stress and partners well with damiana, ginseng, licorice and ginger.

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bulk pink rose petals

bulk pink rose, petals

Simple syrup infused with pink or red rose petals creates a colorful, light syrup that’s excellent with hot or cold teas, or used in baked goods.

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bulk cinnamon chips, cut & sifted

bulk cinnamon chips, cut & sifted

This spice makes a gorgeous syrup for drizzling on foods and stirring into masala chai or milk steamers, especially when paired with anise, cardamom, allspice berries or nutmeg.

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bulk elder flower, cut & sifted

bulk elder flower, whole

Like the berries of the elder bush, the flowers are traditionally used to make syrups. Try combining elder flower with soothing chamomile, yarrow leaf, or elecampane root.

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bulk spearmint leaf, cut & sifted

bulk spearmint leaf, cut & sifted

Add minty flavor to cordials, teas and other beverages with a spearmint-based syrup. The herb also pairs well with lemon balm.

bulk spearmint leaf, cut & sifted


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