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Whether you choose fuzzy silver buds or delicate green leaves, white teas are a must for any tea lover. White teas are the least processed category of tea which makes a graceful, fresh cup. These teas do not have the loud flavors of black or oolong teas, nor do they contain the deeply vegetal notes of green tea. White teas are subtle, but don’t let that fool you—they can be quite complex in their quiet flavors. They are perfect to sip slowly, in order to focus on the mild flavors.

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White teas are mostly grown and produced in China’s Fujian province. The teas are plucked in the spring then simply withered, heat dried, sorted and heated again. It does not go through any form of steaming or long oxidation like other types of teas. It is very slightly oxidized, which only occurs during the long withering process. Looking at the leaves, you may find fuzzy white buds and/or tender small leaves depending on the type of white tea you choose.

The two most common types of white tea are silver needle (bai hao yin zhen) and white peony (bai mu dan). Silver needle is a more expensive tea as it’s comprised just of the downy, fuzzy tea buds. The buds are so new that they still have tiny white hairs you can still see on the dried leaves. One sniff of these beautiful leaves will evoke images of flowers and spring meadows. Because this tea is comprised only of the top tender buds harvested in early spring, it is much more expensive than other white teas. It has a subtle floral flavor with super smooth honey sweetness.

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White peony contains some of those fuzzy silver buds, as well as the top two young tea leaves. This tea has a stronger flavor than silver needle. It is floral, fruity, and has a taste similar to dried summer grass (not the fresh grass flavor of green tea). One sip and you’ll be laying on a blanket in the summer sun. Since white peony is on the milder side, it’s a nice tea to use in blends. Fruit flavors such as pomegranate work very well, as does peach and berries. Floral flavors such as Jasmine are also delicious. But be sure to try white teas on their own if you can, to get a true sense of their flavor.

You may think that white tea has the least amount of caffeine since it’s so light in color and flavor. But don’t be fooled! Because the leaves are young and the tea is minimally processed, this tea actually has a good amount of caffeine. Looks can be deceiving!

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To prepare your white tea loose leaf tea, you can use a gaiwan or go western style in a small teapot. Make sure the strainer is large enough to let those lovely leaves and buds breathe and expand. Check the package instructions for the water temperature. Some recommend boiling water, but many call for water that is around 175°-180°. White teas are perfect any time of day because they are subtle and refreshing. They pair well with both sweet and savory foods, but keep the flavors light so it doesn’t overpower the beautiful tea.

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