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How strong is your tisane game? If you are looking for one you can drink any time of day, is delicious on its own yet easily blends with other flavors, and has a name that’s hard to pronounce, look no further than rooibos. It’s a versatile herbal tea that is perfect for just about any circumstance. Satisfying on its own, and a perfect base for a tasty blend.

Rooibos is pronounced roy-boss, which translates from Afrikaans to ‘red bush’. This herbal tisane comes from needle-shaped leaves of the Aspalathus linearis, an evergreen bush grown in South Africa. It is tasty and caffeine-free.

on going from green to red
The green leaves are plucked and then bruised to allow oxidation to occur. They are dried once the oxidation process is complete. The processing causes the leaves to turn a vibrant coppery-reddish color. Leaves are often cut up, so you’ll find loose leaf rooibos in small pieces. These little pieces help create a quick steeping time and strong yet smooth flavor.

on having a memorable character
Rooibos is a popular herbal tea to drink any time of day. Since it has no caffeine children can also enjoy it, without the risk of them running around the house way past bedtime! On its own rooibos has a fruity, woody flavor, often with natural hints of vanilla and honey. Many people drink this as a tea alternative since it has a character similar to black tea. Green rooibos can sometimes be found, which is the same leaves but without the added oxidation. It has a grassier flavor than the oxidized red rooibos.

Because the flavor of rooibos is reminiscent of black tea, it lends itself to delicious blends. It is the perfect base for building memorable flavor combinations. On our website you can find everything from warming apple and cinnamon to herbal chocolate chai and crimson berry. Flavored rooibos tea blends are perfect for relaxing or as an after dinner treat. Who needs dessert when you can drink a tisane flavored with chocolate and spice? These also make refreshing iced teas in the warmer months. Our tip is to brew the tea double-strength so it will stand up nicely to ice.

on brewing rooibos
he best way to prepare loose-leaf rooibos tea is to brew it similarly to black tea. Steep 1 teaspoon of leaves in 8 ounces of boiled water, allow to steep for 2-8 minutes depending on desired strength. This is a tisane that does not get bitter, so you can play around with the steep time you like best. Since the leaves are often cut into small pieces, make sure you have a fine mesh strainer. Feel free to add any milk or sweeteners you prefer, or drink it straight up!

Enjoy your rooibos as its woody, nutty self, or indulge in a flavored blend. Whatever version you choose, you will have a delightful caffeine free sip to enjoy all day long.

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Aspalathus linearis
Apple Cinnamon Tisane

Apple Cinnamon TisaneLoose Leaf

1/4 Pound:  $10.76 Pound:  $23.91 
Aspalathus linearis
Cranberry Orange

Cranberry OrangeLoose Leaf

1/4 Pound:  $10.40 Pound:  $23.12 
Aspalathus linearis
Crimson Berry

Crimson BerryLoose Leaf

1/4 Pound:  $6.02 Pound:  $13.38 
Aspalathus linearis
ORGGreen Rooibos Tea, Organic
1/4 Pound:  $6.02 Pound:  $13.38 
Aspalathus linearis
Herbal Chocolate Chai (with Rooibos)

Herbal Chocolate Chai (with Rooibos)Loose Leaf

1/4 Pound:  $10.52 Pound:  $23.38 
Aspalathus linearis
ORGRooibos ext org

Rooibos ext orgPowder

1/4 Pound:  $37.80 Pound:  $84.00 
Aspalathus linearis
ORGRooibos Tea, Organic

Rooibos Tea, OrganicLoose Leaf

1/4 Pound:  $6.30 Pound:  $13.99 
Aspalathus linearis
Rooibos Tea

Rooibos TeaLoose Leaf

1/4 Pound:  $5.48 Pound:  $12.17