Hyssop Herb Cut & Sifted, Organic

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Hyssop gets its name from the Greek word azob, which means "holy herb". The plant has a long recorded history of use in cleansing rituals as described in several passages of the Holy Bible, including the significance of the plant being used to mark the doorways of Jewish homes in Egypt so that the plague might "pass over" its occupants.

The dried herb imparts a minty flavor to teas and other beverages, and is used as seasoning in Middle Eastern cuisine.

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approximate cups to one pound11
plant part usedleaf
processingcut & sifted

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storage tipsKeep in a sealed container in a dark cabinet or pantry.
appearance & aromaHerbaceous with a fresh, slightly minty aroma.


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cosmeticPrepare water infusions for shampoos and conditioners, or infuse in oil for salves, balms and other topical formulations.
culinaryUse in herbal tea blends.
industrialHyssop is used as a flavoring in liquors.

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organic, cut & sifted
hyssop herb

Minty flavored. Goes well with lemony herbs and dried fruit peels.

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organic, cut & sifted
hyssop herb

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organic, cut & sifted
hyssop herb

Hyssop is a drought-resistant, evergreen, flowering plant that is native to southern Europe and the Middle East, where it has long been a symbol of purity and protection. In ancient Egypt, priests consumed the herb to purify their diet and used it to cleanse the people of leprosy.

As a member of the mint family, hyssop is highly aromatic and yields a pleasant, minty flavor to teas. The herb is also used to produce rinses for skin and hair, as well as mouth wash and eye drops.

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