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Tanacetum parthenium
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[ 1282 ]Tanacetum parthenium

Feverfew Herb Cut & Sifted

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Feverfew, also known as featherfew, is a low-growing, spreading herb in the sunflower family that produces citrus scented leaves.

The common name for this plant is taken from the Latin febrifugia, which translates to febrifuge and means fever-reducing.

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approximate cups to one pound7
originunited states
active compoundsSesquiterpene Lactones, Camphor, Alpha-pinene
plant part usedaerial parts
processingcut & sifted

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
appearance & aromaLeafy with a fresh scent.


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cosmeticUse in poultice powders, infused oils, liniments and other topical preparations.
culinaryMakes a pleasant tea. May also be tinctured, made into syrup or encapsulated as a dietary supplement.
safetyMay increase the effects of blood-thinning medications. Do not use during pregnancy.

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cut & sifted
feverfew herb

Mild and pleasant tasting. Combine with chamomile, catnip, mint and similar herbs in tea blends.

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feverfew herb

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cut & sifted
feverfew herb

Feverfew is a perennial in the daisy family originally native to Europe but now naturalized and cultivated throughout the world, including much of North America. Because feverfew is commonly grown in kitchen herb gardens and as an ornamental, its prolific appearance across the natural landscape demonstrates the ease with which it can escape cultivation unless confined.

The herb’s common name is adapted from the Latin febrifugia, which means “fever reducer.” Due to a type of terpene called parthenolide, feverfew is primarily viewed today as a prophylaxis of chronic migraine. Be aware, however, that suddenly ceasing the intake of this herb after long-term use often results in a rebound effect that produces symptoms worse than before.

Description: Feverfew is a plant that is native to Europe. It can now be found in North American and Europe as well. It is a perennial plant that grows only to 2 feet in height. It has daisy-like flowers. The leaves can be picked as needed. The aerial parts are gathered during summer months.

Safety: The fresh leaves of feverfew can cause ulcers in the mouth. Do not take feverfew if you're taking another type of blood-thinner. Pregnant women should not take feverfew. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.

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