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Mistletoe, also called European Mistletoe, is a parasitic shrub that thrives among the branches of other trees, most notably poplar, oak, elm, apple and hawthorn. This member of the sandalwood family is native to central Europe, with various sub-species distributed throughout western and Southeast Asia.

Although the herb is traditionally used to prepare teas and tinctures, the fact that it contains a protein-binding agent that behaves similarly to ricin suggests that it's best to limit mistletoe to decorative and ceremonial purposes.

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approximate cups to one pound6.5
origineastern europe
active compoundsFlavonoids, Glycoproteins, Lignans, Caffeic acid, Acetylcholine, Polysaccharides, Polypeptides
plant part usedleaves
processingcut & sifted

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container away from light, heat and humidity.
appearance & aromaCut leaf with gold and green patterns.


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cosmeticUse in the preparation of topical ointments and liniments.
decorativeUse in holiday potpourri for its traditional associations with Christmas.
safetyMistletoe should not be taken internally because it contains compounds that can cause seizures, low pulse and respiratory failure.

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cut & sifted
mistletoe leaf

Not recommended for internal use.

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cut & sifted
mistletoe leaf

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cut & sifted
mistletoe leaf

Mistletoe, also called European Mistletoe, is an evergreen semi-parasitic plant that doesn’t necessarily require a host or survival, but prefers the company of deciduous species of trees. The plant’s natural range includes Europe, Asia and North Africa, although it is sometimes cultivated in temperate climates elsewhere as a matter of botanical interest.

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