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The root of the licorice plant has a long history of use. According to legend, the ancient Greek physician Dioscorides advised the military troops of Alexander the Great to chew licorice root to allay thirst when marching long distances and water was hard to find. In Medieval Europe, licorice root was so much in demand to mask odors associated with poor sanitation and the taste of spoiled food that its import was heavily taxed in order to provide funds to repair London Bridge.

Today, powdered licorice root is used as a foaming agent in fire extinguishers and as a flavor additive to candies, baked goods, teas and home brewed beers.

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark cabinet or pantry.
appearance & aromaLight colored powder with a spicy and sweet aroma.


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cosmeticInfuse in oil for use in making soap, salves, lotions and other cosmetics.
culinaryUse to add flavor to baked goods, teas and other beverages. May also be encapsulated as a dietary supplement.
aromaticPowdered licorice root may be incorporated into incense blends.
safetyUse with caution if you take other medicines, especially if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or another chronic condition.

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organic, powdered
licorice root

Spicy, but sweet.

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organic, powdered
licorice root

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organic, powdered
licorice root

Glycyrrhiza glabra is also referred to as European licorice since that’s where this species originates. It differs from the dozen or so other species of licorice in that its root is characterized by super sweetness compared to the pungent bitterness of, for example, the root of American licorice.

The sweet flavor of licorice root is owing to a glycoside called glycyrrhizin, which is also noted for its anti-inflammatory and hepatic protective qualities. In fact, this compound is used in Japan to combat hepatitis C. It’s also used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as a flavoring agent, emulsifier and thickener.

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