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Magnesium Citrate Powder

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Magnesium citrate is used as a saline laxative to cleanse the bowel prior to surgery or certain medical procedures. Magnesium citrate powder is also used in the food and beverage industries to regulate acidity in soft drinks and act as a preservative, and in supplements as a mineral salt.

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active compoundsMagnesium, citric acid

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storage tipsKeep at room temperature in a sealed container in a cool, dry place. .
appearance & aromaOff white to slightly yellowish powder with a metallic quality and no detectable aroma.
flavor profileExtremely tart, sour.


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industrialMagnesium citrate powder, known as E number E345, is used in the food and beverage industries as a preservative and acid regulator and in the cosmetic industry as a preservative. It is also used to fortify milk content in dairy and soy milk, and in fertilizers.
safetyThere is little risk for toxicity in healthy individuals since the kidneys remove excess magnesium from the blood. Long-term use, however, or high dosages, can lead to dependence and serious complications, such as irregular heartbeat , unexplained weight loss, excessive fatigue, confusion, chronic diarrhea and dehydration.
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