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Crataegus monogyna L.
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Hawthorn Berry Powder, Wild Crafted

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Hawthorn is a thorny bush in the rose family that produces red (sometimes black) berries called haws. The tart berries, or haws, have been used for food for hundreds of years.

Today we know that hawthorn berries are an excellent source of oligomeric procyandins, antioxidant compounds known collectively as OPCs. Sprinkle hawthorn berry powder into smoothies, tea, juice and other foods and beverages.

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approximate cups to one pound4
active compoundsTriterpenoids, Amines, Oligometric procyanidin, Tannins, Coumarins, Polyphenols, Bioflavonoids.
plant part usedberries, flowering tops

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storage tipsKeep in a sealed container away from moisture, heat and direct light.
appearance & aromaRust-colored powder with a mild, pleasant aroma.


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cosmeticCombine with other ground herbs and spices to make natural foundation, blush and eye shadow.
culinaryAdd to fruit or vegetable juice, smoothies, soups and other foods.
householdUse as a side dressing for fruit trees.
safetyConsult your physician before using this herb if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition because hawthorn compounds may increase the effects of pharmaceutical medications used to treat these conditions.

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hawthorn berry

Tart but mildly sweet. Blends well with mild tea herbs and dried flowers and fruits.

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hawthorn berry

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hawthorn berry

Hawthorn is a deciduous flowering shrub in the rose family that is widely distributed throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere. In the wild, it is typically found in thickets and woodland settings. In cultivation, hawthorn is grown as a hedge plant.

The fruit of the shrub, which are called haws, are abundant in vitamin C and potent antioxidant compounds known as oligomeric procyandins. The powdered berry is convenient to add to foods and beverages or to encapsulate as a dietary supplement.

Background: Since the time of the Middle Ages, hawthorn has been taken as a powerful medicinal herb. While it was once used as a tonic to promote overall health, it is now used for more specific purposes. Hawthorn was once used to treat kidney stones as well as bladder stones. It was also used as a diuretic. Modern research has proven hawthorn to be more valuable as an herb to treat cardiovascular problems and promote a healthy heart. It causes more blood flow to reach the muscles of the heart. Hawthorn can also help to reduce the incidence of angina, which is a spasm of the blood vessels. Hawthorn can also be used to improve the smooth muscle walls of the rest of the circulatory system as well. Blood pressure can also be improved by using hawthorn. Whether you suffer from high or low blood pressure, hawthorn can help your body regulate blood pressure and return it to normal.

Applications: Cardiovascular health.

Hawthorn is primarily used to improve cardiovascular health.

Blood Pressure: Hawthorn can help to raise low blood pressure and lower high blood pressure.

Angina: Hawthorn can be used to prevent and treat angina.

Heart rate: Hawthorn can be used to help restore a regular heartbeat. For this purpose, it takes time to see results.

Description: Hawthorn is a tree that grows all over the northern hemisphere. It has bright red berries that are harvested in the fall to be used for medicinal purposes.

Dosage: Hawthorn can be used as a tincture, decoction, infusion, or can be taken in pill form. Follow your health care provider's advice for dosage amounts.

Safety: You should not take hawthorn unless you are being supervised by a health care provider. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.

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