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Arctostaphylos uva ursi
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[ 1962 ]Arctostaphylos uva ursi

Uva Ursi Leaf Powder, Wild Crafted

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Uva Ursi is an evergreen perennial groundcover found throughout the higher elevations of Europe and Asia that is also known as pinemat manzanita and kinnikinnick. Because bears are fond of the fruit, the herb is one of many also referred to as bearberry.

Due to the presence of a glycoside called arbutin, the powdered leaf is used to make infusions and extracts for topical use. Powdered Uva Ursi can also be encapsulated, but long-term use is not recommended due to a potential risk of liver toxicity.

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storage tipsStore in a cabinet, cupboard or other cool, dark place, ideally in a sealed glass jar.


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cosmeticInfuse bearberry powder in carrier oil for topical use.
culinaryUva Ursi powder may be prepared as tea, alone or with other herbs to enhance flavor. It may also be encapsulated as a dietary supplement.
safetyHigh doses or long-term use may lead to liver damage or irritation of the bladder or urinary tract. Uva ursi may increase the effects of other medications, particular those designed to increase urine flow. The high tannin content may produce stomach upset or nausea. Do not use uva ursi during pregnancy or if there is a history of chronic liver, bladder or kidney disease.

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uva ursi leaf

Due to the high tannin content in the leaves, uva ursi has a very bitter taste. For this reason, it is not generally used for cooking. The herb is, however, prepared as an herbal tea, usually in combination with other herbs to make the brew more palatable.

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uva ursi leaf

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uva ursi leaf

Uva ursi is a woody, shrub-like groundcover with small, thick, oval-shaped, shiny leaves that remain evergreen for up to three years before falling off. Clusters of white or pink flowers appear from hanging stalks in spring. The fruit can be described as a small red berry, although drupe, or seed stone, is more technically correct.

A cousin to blueberry and cranberry, uva ursi is known by numerous common names, some of which indicate it is a favorite food for bears. Like other members of the Ericaceae or heather family, it can thrive in challenging terrain and infertile soil but prefers acidic environments.

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