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Serenoa repens
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Saw Palmetto Berry Powder

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Saw palmetto is a small, shrub-like tree found throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coastal regions of the U.S., especially in the state of Florida. The fruit, which is actually a drupe but more commonly referred to as a berry, is rich in fatty acids and plant sterols, including beta-sitosterol.

Powdered saw palmetto berry can be added to foods and smoothies, but is more commonly encapsulated as a dietary supplement.

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approximate cups to one pound5.5
originunited states
active compoundsSteroidal saponin, Polysaccharides, Volatile oil, Fixed oil, Tannins.
plant part usedberries

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaFibrous and powdery, with little noticeable scent.


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culinaryEncapsulate as a dietary supplement. May also be prepared as tea or tincture.
safetyConsult your physician before using this herb if you take anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, or if you have a history of or are being treated for a hormone-driven condition.

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saw palmetto berries

Flavor is very pungent. Use in teas with other herbs and spices to enhance flavor.

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saw palmetto berries

Highly bitter tasting.

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saw palmetto berries

Saw palmetto is a short-growing, shrubby palm with a natural distribution that includes the southeastern coast of the US, as well as the Gulf Plains and some parts of the Pacific coast. The species—the only one in its genus—is especially abundant in Florida, where specimens have been found that have been determined to be more than 500 years old.

The purple-black berries, or drupes, have been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans as food during times of scarcity. The herb also has a long history of use in countering a variety of issues associated with an enlarged prostate.

Powdered saw palmetto berries can be used to produce teas, tonics and liquid extracts. However, it is more commonly encapsulated as a dietary supplement.

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