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Lavender Flower Powder

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Like whole lavender flowers, powdered lavender can be used to make floral waters, perfumes, skin lotions, soaps and other body care products. However, the powdered form presents entirely new possibilities. Mixed into a paste with a small amount of flour and water, for instance, powdered lavender can be used to make beads for jewelry.

Lavender powder can also be combined with baking soda and used to freshen carpets or to make a non-abrasive cleanser. Of course, the powder can also be encapsulated or tinctured. Note, though, that powdered lavender flower is greenish in color, not purple. Also, this variety of lavender is a hybrid between English lavender (L. angustifolia) and Spike lavender, also known as Portuguese lavender (L. latifolia). Because it contains camphor, the herb a slight piney flavor and scent.

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approximate cups to one pound10
plant part usedflowers
processinglavender flower powder

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storage tipsStore in a container with a tight-fitting lid in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaFine green powder with a mild lavender scent.


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cosmeticUse in soaps, infused oils, salves, skin tonics, body powders and facial masks.
householdCombine with baking soda to make a natural carpet deodorizer. The herb is also a natural insect repellant.

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Powdered lavender is used to flavor baked goods, teas and confections. Pairs beautifully with chocolate, vanilla and most berries.

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lavender flower buds

Lavender is a perennial shrubby plant in the mint family easily recognized by its tall spikes of blue-purple aromatic flowers. It is one of the most popular herbs in the world, especially when it comes to cosmetics and spa products. In fact, because it was a favorite bath and perfume herb to the ancient Romans, they named it after the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash.”

Powdered lavender is easily incorporated into herbal teas and cookies, cakes and candies. Because the herb contains antioxidant compounds and is a natural insect repellant, lavender has many uses around the home. Combined with sage, rosemary, wormwood and other herbs, lavender is an ingredient in the traditional culinary and antiseptic concoction known as Four Thieves Vinegar.

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