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Coriander Seed Whole

Coriander Seed Whole

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Coriander seed is a staple seasoning in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. In India, coriander seed is briefly pan roasted and eaten whole as a snack known as dhana dal. The seeds are also dry roasted to release aroma and flavor before it is ground and added to curries or other foods.

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approximate cups to one pound6
active compoundsFatty acids, volatile oils, linalool, a-pinene, geraniol, camphene and terpine.
plant part usedseed

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storage tipsKeep in an airtight container in a cool, dark cabinet or pantry.
appearance & aromaLight brown, round seeds with mild fragrance.
good vs badWhole seeds keep their flavor longer than ground seeds.


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culinaryWhole coriander seeds are used to infuse flavor into culinary vinegars and oils. The seeds are also used in pickling and brine spice mixes.

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flavor profile

coriander seed

Slightly citrus-like with a pungent after taste. Goes well with peppercorns, dill, caraway, fennel, cumin, oregano and thyme.

formulas & recipes

coriander seed

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what else you should know

coriander seed

Coriander is the fruit (seed) of the cilantro plant, a popular culinary herb in southwestern U.S. and Mexican cooking. The name for the seed is adapted from koris, the Greek word for “bed bug” and is a reference to the scent of fresh cilantro leaves reputedly being similar to that of linens infested with this urban parasite. The seed, however, does not.

In terms of flavor, coriander seed is equally far apart from cilantro. The whole seed has an earthy and citrusy taste that deepens with cooking. It is best used whole or freshly ground braised or slow-cooked meats, vegetables and/or beans.

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