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Arrowroot Powder

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Arrowroot powder is used as a natural thickening agent in soups, sauces, custards, fruit pies and other foods. It's also used to "fix" the scent in potpourri.

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approximate cups to one pound3
active compoundsNeutral starch of up to 25-27%, albumen, fiber, fat, ash, gum, water.
plant part useddried rhizome
why buy arrowroot powder?Suitable for use in gluten-free cooking and baking. Thickens foods at low temperature heating and also freezes well.

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
appearance & aromaWhite powder


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cosmeticUse arrowroot in body powders as an alternative to talcum powder.
culinaryUse to thicken gravies, pie fillings.
aromaticActs as a fixative in potpourri mixtures.
industrialOnce used in papermaking.
good to knowTolerates acidic ingredients, but doesn’t work well in milk or cream-based sauces.

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Neutral flavor

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arrowroot powder

Arrowroot has a long history of use by the Arawak, the Taíno, the Nepoya, the Maya and various other indigenous peoples of South America and the Caribbean. The name for this tropical plant comes from the traditional use of the herb by these tribes to treat wounds inflicted by arrows.

Although arrowroot is native to Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, and naturalized in parts of Florida, the herb is cultivated and harvested to produce arrowroot starch in Australia, Africa, the West Indies and Southeast Asia.

Background: Used by the Maya in Central America and by the Arawak in South America. 

Applications: Nutrition

Arrowroot is used for convalescents to aid in their nutritional needs.

Description: Grown in South America and the Caribbean, Arrowroot is a perennial plant reaching heights of up to 6 feet.  The rhizome creeps along, sprouting oval leaves and stems that house clusters of white blooms that grow in pairs.  

When the plant is less than a year old, the starch is extracted from the rhizomes, which are washes and pulped and then mixed with clean water.  The fibers are hand-wrung to capture the liquor and the starch is dried in the sun. 

Safety: No known warnings regarding use of Arrowroot.

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