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Lady's mantle is a perennial herb in the rose family native to North America, Europe, Greenland and Asia. Also known as Nine Hooks and Lion's Foot, this spreading plant is noted for its globe-shaped, light green leaves and its small, chartreuse flowers. The genus name for this plant, Alchemilla , is a modified form of Alkemelych, an Arab term that references the plants historical use in alchemy.

Because the morning dew collected from the leaves is reputed to be the secret to a beautiful complexion, the herb is also known as dewcup. The dried leaf is primarily used in teas, although it can also be tinctured.

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approximate cups to one pound23
active compoundsSalicylic acid, Tannins, Glycoside.
plant part usedaerial parts
processingcut & sifted
sustainabilitywild crafted

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaPale green and leafy, with a mild, fresh scent.


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cosmeticInfuse in oil or tincture for topical use or to include in cosmetic formulas.
culinaryExcellent in tea blends. The herb also adds fresh flavor to soups and stews.
safetyMay increase photosensitivity. Do not use this herb while pregnant or nursing.

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cut & sifted
lady's mantle

Fresh, grass-like flavor. Blends well with herbs in the mint family and most flowers.

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cut & sifted
lady's mantle

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cut & sifted
lady's mantle

Lady’s mantle, also known as parsley piert and many other common names, is a perennial member of the rose family originally native to Eurasia and the Americas. Some of the common names used to refer to the herb reference its long association with matter of concern to women.

For example, the centuries-old tradition of collecting the morning dew from the leaf to use as a serum to ensure a beautiful complexion gave rise to the nickname dewcup. It’s interesting to note that the plant contains quercetin and other antioxidant compounds, as well as two elagitannins called pedunculagin and alchemillin. The latter, which are also found in red raspberry leaf and pomegranate, appear to have a positive effect on skin epithelial cells.

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