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Hops are the female flowers of a climbing plant found throughout Europe and North America that is related to Cannabis, or hemp.

The most widespread use of hops is in beer production, a practice that dates back many centuries. Whole hops are used by home brewers today for the same purpose, or to make tisanes and teas.

Hops are also added to herb pillows, often in combination with lavender, valerian, dill and other herbs reputed to promote relaxation.

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approximate cups to one pound40
originunited states
active compoundsBitter principles, Flavonoids, Estrogenic substances, Asparagin, Polyphenolic tannins, Volatile oil.
plant part usedstrobiles

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container away from light, heat and moisture.
appearance & aromaPapery, cone-like flower heads.


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cosmeticInfuse in water or tincture in alcohol for use in hair and skin care products.
culinaryCombine with green or black tea or other herbs for a custom blend.

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whole hops

Bitter yet pleasant tasting. Pair with mild herbs when making tea blends.

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whole hops

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whole hops

Hops is a deciduous, climbing, perennial plant with a natural distribution throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It requires a certain latitude for successful growth, however, limiting its range in Europe to Germany, Great Britain and Poland and Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon in North America.

For centuries, this herb has been used as a digestive aid and sleep inducer respectively enjoyed as a bitter tonic or in a fragrant herb pillow to rest the head upon. The qualities of the herb are due to the presence of polyphenols, which also lend their bitter principles to the production of beer.

Background: The most common use for hops, as you probably already know, is the production of beer. However, its uses go far beyond the making of alcoholic beverages.

Description: Hops are plants that grow throughout Europe and Asia. The female plant has flowers called strobilus that are used for medicinal purposes. They are harvested in early fall. Hops plants are usually tall and can grow as high as 22 feet.

Safety: You should not use hops if you suffer from depression. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.

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