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Butterfly pea flower is so-named because it is a member of the pea family with notched tips on the flowers that give blooms the appearance of a butterfly in flight. However, ironically, the plant is generally ignored by butterflies, despite its bright blue color. While plants in the wild produce flowers that range from deep blue to lavender, some cultivars have white or pink flowers, a few with semi-double blooms.

Like other vines, butterfly pea flower sends out trailing stems, but it’s not a prolific climber. The leaves, which yield a green dye, appear on stalks divided into lance-shaped leaflets. Mature plants reach up to 15 feet with a spread of up to 6 feet.

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active compoundsAnthocyanin compounds (ternatins), other antioxidants (kaemphferol, p-Coumaric, delphinidin-3,5-glucoside, vitamins A, C and E.
plant part usedLeaves, shoots, pods and flowers are edible. The latter are used alone or in combination with other herbs to make teas and other beverages.
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storage tipsStore in a dry, cool location is a sealed container.
appearance & aromaBlue petals with a mild aroma.


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cosmeticButterfly pea flower is used to make soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, facial masks, scrubs, salves, balms and other products.
decorativeThe blossoms make a colorful addition to floral displays and potpourri blends.
culinaryUse butterfly pea flower make tea or in combination with other herbs, such as lemon peel, hibiscus, rose hips, or lemongrass. The herb is also excellent in cold drinks and in cocktails. In Thai cooking, the flower is used to lend color to rice salads and sweets.
householdIn India, butterfly pea flower is incorporated into daily devotional prayer rituals known as puja (Sanskrit, "to honor.")
wellnessButterfly pea flower is nutritious and has a high antioxidant content.
industrialButterfly pea flower is widely used in the cosmetic and beverage industries, especially in the herbal tea market. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the herb as a color additive in foods in 2021. It is also used to produce commercial insecticides and dyes for various textiles.
safetyNo known side effects are reported, although rare cases of mild nausea and diarrhea have been noted.

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Butterfly pea flower has a mild and floral taste that has been compared to chamomile.

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