Benzoin Gum Powder

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Also known as gum Benjamin, this resin is obtained from a rainforest tree and has an aroma similar to vanilla when dried. The powder is used as a fixative in incense and potpourri, as flavoring in baked goods and other foods and as a preservative in natural cosmetics.

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active compoundsSumatra Benzoin has 18% benzoic acid and 20% cinnamic acid with 1% vanillin, styrol, styracin, phenyl-propyl cinnamate and benzaldehyde.
plant part usedresin, for gum
why buy powdered benzoin gum?Benzoin gum powder adds exotic flair to foods and cosmetics.

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaReddish brown in a color with a faint vanilla-like scent.


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cosmeticUsed in natural body powders and in soapmaking.
aromaticActs as a fragrance fixative and preservative in incense, potpourri, colognes and perfumes.
industrialBenzoin gum is a food and cosmetic additive found in baked goods, dairy products, lotions and soaps.

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benzoin gum powder

Bitter tasting. Not generally used in home kitchens.


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powdered benzoin gum

The cultivation of Styrax benzoin trees with the expectation of harvesting benzoin gum takes an investment of time more than anything else. In fact, the gum cannot be extracted from the tree for at least seven years. Each mature tree, however, will continue to yield roughly three pounds of resin for the next decade or more.

Benzoin gum is noted for its warm, exotic, vanilla-like fragrance. The resin and powder are blended with other aromatic spices to produce Japanese and Indian incense.

Because benzoin gum fixes other scents and acts as a natural preservative to prevent fats from turning rancid, it is used in a variety of cosmetics, including skin lotions and creams, and soaps.

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