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[ 99 ]Hydrous silicate of alumina

Bentonite Clay

1/4 Pound:  $2.57 Pound:  $5.72 
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[ 1321 ]

Green Clay (Italy) Powder

1/4 Pound:  $3.62 Pound:  $8.05 
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[ 807 ]Kaolinite

Kaolin Clay (White Cosmetic) Powder

1/4 Pound:  $2.30 Pound:  $5.10 
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[ 338 ]

Red Clay (Morocco) Powder

1/4 Pound:  $3.77 Pound:  $8.37 
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clay, skin and hair treatments

The term “clay” refers to natural materials mined from the earth’s surface that exist as ancient deposits in rock formations or accumulated volcanic ash. The texture and properties of clay depends on its origin, which also determines its composition. These clays are not the modeling kind found in hobby and craft stores that you can add water to and mold; they are cosmetic clays intended for use on the skin and, in some cases, as a hair treatment.

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overview and kinds
Clay is extracted from the ground, typically from areas where water or volcanic lava once flowed. Due to the transformational power of either force, clay characteristically contains trapped fragments of pulverized organic matter that includes plant material, fauna and a variety of minerals. Depending on the region of origin, cosmetic clay varies in composition with color ranging from white to green and red. Use it to make facial masks, body wraps, soothing pastes for minor skin irritations, conditioning hair treatments and natural toothpaste.

bentonite clay
Bentonite clay, Bentonite clay is used in metal casting, poultry feed, and in the manufacture of clumping cat litter. The versatility of this material earned a reputation as “the mineral with a thousand uses.” It is also used topically as a cosmetic clay mask to remove impurities on the skin and remove toxins. Bentonite clay is also sometimes added to food to help with digestion.
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green clay
Green clay, also known as French green clay is valued for cosmetic use because of its exceptional absorbent properties and its ability to draw out impurities from the skin. When used in a face mask, green clay helps firm and tone the skin. The detoxifying quality of green clay is best illustrated by its use by the former Soviet Union, who used a massive quantity of French green clay to cover the failed nuclear reactor site at Chernobyl. The clay was also added to chocolate bars, which were distributed to the residents of the ill-fated city.
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kaolin clay
Kaolin clay is a soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in China for porcelain. Kaolin clay is also used to make rubber, paint, and paper–so it is highly valued in China, so much so that another name for the clay is China clay. Aside from its multiple industrial applications, kaolin is used as an anti-caking agent in the food industry. It’s also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a bulking agent in formulations meant to counter diarrhea. In fact, it was once the key ingredient in the over-the-counter diarrhea product sold as Kaopectate.
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red clay
Red clay, also known as Moroccan red clay, is great for people with sensitive skin and is loved for its brightening and reviving properties. Once reserved for royalty, Moroccan Rhassoul clay has been used as a cleanser and conditioner for hair and skin for centuries and continues to be a popular spa treatment in many world-class retreats. Abundant in magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium, red clay is reputed to clarify and moisturize the skin while improving texture and elasticity. In the same way that a paste of cosmetic clay is applied to the face and body as a cleaner or detoxifying mask, Moroccan red clay can be used to regularly cleanse the hair and scalp instead of shampoo.
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