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Humulus lupulus
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Hops Flowers Powder

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If you’ve ever tasted beer, you’ve sampled hops. Thanks to Reinheitsgebot, or Bavaria’s beer purity law that went into effect in the year 1516, virtually every beer on the planet today contains hops. Otherwise, the beverage would be a gruit, which gets bitter flavor from herbs and fruits instead of the pillowy female flower cones of Humulus lupulus.

While hops provide bitter flavor, turbidity and antimicrobial protection to every bottle of suds, the herb also lends its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory potential to teetotalers and tea enthusiasts alike as an abundant source of polyphenols. These qualities also make hops flower powder an effective skin care ingredient.

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active compoundsPolyphenols (tannins), catechins proanthocyanidins, monosaccharides, proteins, pectins, amino acids, steroids, cinnamic, caffeic, and ferulic acids; gallocatechin, xanthohumol and myricetin.
plant part usedflowers

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaLight green powder with a grassy and slightly piney aroma.
flavor profileWoodsy with bitter, piney, citrus-like undertones.


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cosmeticAdd hops flower powder to clay facial masks. Infuse in oil for use in massage oils, soaps, lotions and creams formulated for dry, sensitive skin. A hot water infusion may be used as a skin wash.
culinaryAdd hops flower powder to smoothies, broths, soups, stews and other cooked foods. The powder may also be used in tea blends and, of course, in homemade beers.
industrialHops extracts are used in the commercial skin care industry as well as the beverage industry.
safetyBe aware that the bitter acids in hops may produce drowsiness and increase the effects of alcohol. Because some of the compounds in the herb may exert estrogen-like effects., you should not consume hops flower powder if you have a history of a hormone-driven condition, such as breast cancer or endometriosis. Stop taking hops two weeks before undergoing scheduled anesthesia or surgery. Do not combine hops with sedative medications. There is insufficient data to determine if this herb is safe to use during pregnancy or lactation.
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