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Cordyceps sinensis
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Mushroom Cordyceps Powder Organic

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Mushroom Cordyceps is not a true mushroom but is a closely related parasitic fungi. However, since it has been described as a medicinal mushroom in ancient Chinese and Tibetan medical texts, it still appears as "mushroom" in modern medical literature and is casually referred to as such by most modern herbalists. When it comes to mushrooms, the fruit body has several benefits, but there are also several benefits to mycelium, and the combination is highly complementary. This is why our organic mushrooms are a full-spectrum product, containing the benefits of fruit body and mycelium. The fungus got its name from the Greek words kordýlē and cephali, which mean "club" and "head," respectively. This is a reference to the organism’s appearance and growth habit as it emerges from its underground host.

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originUnited States
active compoundsNucleosides, sterols, flavonoids, cyclic peptides, phenolic, bioxanthracenes, polyketides, alkaloids.
beta-glucan content≥15%
plant part usedaerial parts

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storage tipsStore in a cool, dry place in a sealed container.
appearance & aromaFine powder with an earthy, nutty aroma.
flavor profileSlightly bitter with a flavor similar to unsweetened cacao.


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wellness Encapsule Cordyceps powder as a dietary supplement.
culinarySprinkle Cordyceps powder into broths, soups, and stews to enhance umami. The powder can also be blended into protein shakes and smoothies.
safetyCordyceps extract powder is generally safe but may cause gastrointestinal distress in some people. This herb may interact with blood thinners and drugs that suppress the immune system. This herb should bot be used during pregnancy or by those with a bleeding disorder, diabetes or cancer.

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In traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is used to address shenyangqu (excess kidney yang) and to “enrich lung yin and yang.”

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