Chaparral Leaf Powder, Wild Crafted

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Chaparral is a successful desert shrub because its roots pulls water away from competing flora, while a water-saving resin that coats the leaves protects the plant from UV radiation.

The plant also contain estrogenic compounds, which is why this herb is generally limited to topical use. Powdered chaparral leaf is added to creams, salves and other skin care preparations.

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approximate cups to one pound5
active compoundsA lignan in chaparral, known as nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) is a potent antioxidant.
plant part usedleaf, stem
sustainabilitywild crafted
why buy powdered chaparral leaf?Versatile with many uses.

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dark cabinet.
appearance & aromaLight colored with an aroma that has been compared to creosote.


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cosmeticUse in the tub, foot soaks and sitz baths. Powdered chaparral can also be used to make infused oils and tinctures for use in producing salves and balms (except for lip balms).
culinaryBecause this herb is not pleasant tasting, the powder is typically encapsulated (see safety note).
safetyChaparral is not generally taken internally, not just because it tastes bad but also because high doses or long-term use could potentially cause liver or kidney damage. Avoid use if you have history of Hepatitis C or other liver disorder, or if you take pharmaceutical medications.

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chaparral leaf

Pungent and not particularly palatable.

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chaparral leaf

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chaparral leaf

Chaparral is an evergreen shrub in the Caltrops family that is native to the American southwest. In fact, there is a strand of chaparral surviving California’s Mojave Desert that has earned the nickname of King Clone because it is more than 11,500 years old.

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