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Cloves Whole, Organic

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approximate cups to one pound5
plant part usedflower buds
processingwhole organic cloves

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storage tipsStore in a container with a tight-fitting lid away from heat and moisture.
appearance & aromaDark, woody and highly fragrant.


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cosmeticInfuse in oil or make hot water infusions for skin lotions and salves. Clove infusions are also used as dental rinses.
decorativeUse in floral displays and simmering potpourri.
culinaryUse sparingly in tea and coffee blends and to flavor custards, puddings and stewed fruits. Whole cloves are also used to lend spice to baked ham.
householdPoke several whole cloves into lemon halves to make a table top mosquito repellent.
aromaticUse to scent herbal pillows, pomanders and potpourri.
industrialClove is a flavoring agent and preservative in processed foods and is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and medicines.

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organic, whole

Warm, spicy and slightly bitter. Compatible with allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cardamom and peppercorn.

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organic, whole

Herbal Spa
DIY Spiced Stimulating Oil Recipe

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organic, whole

Clove is a spice obtained from the calyx of the undeveloped blossoms of a species of myrtle tree indigenous to the Indonesian Maluku Islands, also known as the Spice Islands. Along with cinnamon, nutmeg and other aromatic spices, clove is used to lend sweet and spicy flavor to various baked goods and beverages.

As a cosmetic ingredient, clove provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities due to the presence of a phenolic compound called eugenol. This compound is a common ingredient in many personal care products, including mouthwash, toothpaste and soap. Coconut oil infused with clove and combined with beeswax forms a good base for skin salves. Similarly, clove-infused safflower oil makes an excellent all-purpose moisturizing oil or massage oil that can also be added to the bath. Alcohol-based infusions are used to make perfumes and after shave lotions.

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