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Red Clover Herb Cut & Sifted

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Red clover is a low-growing, perennial wildflower in the pea family originally distributed throughout North America and Asia and naturalized in North America. Also known as bee bread and cow clover, the plant provides forage for bees and livestock, as well nutrition for humans. The blossoms and leaf are a good source of protein, amino acids and a class of phenolic compounds called isoflavones, which are converted into phytoestrogens in the body. The herb is also rich in calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine and vitamin C.

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originUnited States
active compoundsBiochanin A, caffeic acid derivatives (phaselic acid, clovamide), coumarins, coumestrol, daidzein, genistein, formononetin, kaempferol, isoflavones, naringenin, quercetin, scopoletin and tyramine.
plant part usedaerial parts
processingcut & sifted

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storage tipsKeep at room temperature in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.
appearance & aromaLeafy with a fresh, grassy aroma.
flavor profileWhen prepared as an infusion (tea), the blossom fragments in cut and sifted red clover release a mild vanilla-like flavor.


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cosmeticInfuse red clover in oil for use in making salves, lotions, creams, hair oil and other skin and hair care products. A strong water infusion may be used as a hair rinse or a base for shampoo and, mixed with witch hazel, a facial toner. Add the dry material to soaps for color and textural interest. Red clover may also be tinctured for topical use.
decorativeUse as a filler in herbal pillows and potpourri.
culinaryRed clover makes an excellent tea alone or in combination with other herbs. The dried herb can also be added to soups and stews for extra vitamins.
industrialThis herb is used in agriculture as a nitrogen-fixing cover crop and to prevent or remediate soil erosion. It is also planted as a pasture foraging crop.
safetyRed clover is safe for most people. However, this herb should not be used during pregnancy or if there is a history of a hormone-driven cancer. Red clover may also increase the risk of bleeding in people who take anticoagulants, such as coumadin (Warfarin).
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