Bulk Guggul resin powder

Commiphora mukul

Guggul is a shrubby tree with thin, paper-like bark and long, twisted, thorny limbs. The flowers, which may be male or female from plant to plant, emerge as pink or red. The fruit is a small red drupe.

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active compoundsOleogum, terpenes, sterols (guggulsterone, dehydroguggulsterone), essential oils, lignans, flavanones, diterpenoids, triterpenoids
plant part usedGum resin

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general guidelines and tips

storage tipsStore in a tightly sealed container away from direct light, hear and humidity.
appearance & aromaYellowish powder with a woody aroma.


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aromaticGuggul resin powder may be burned over charcoal bricks as incense, alone or in combination with other resin powders.
decorativeThe powder may be mixed with water to create a dye for cotton, wool and handmade papers, sometimes in combination with coffee, hibiscus or annatto.
industrialGuggul resin powder is used to produce incense and perfumes. It is also used in the supplement and pharmaceutical industries.
safetyGuggul is safe for most people when taken as a supplement. However, it should not be used during pregnancy or lactation, or by people with a history of an estrogen-driven cancer. Guggul may also increase the risk of bleeding in those who take blood thinners or who have a bleeding disorder. This herb may also interfere with thyroid medications.

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