Bulk Sea Salt (5 Pound Bag)

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Sea Salt (5 Pound Bag)

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If you use a lot of salt for cooking or making cosmetics, buying bulk sea salt is your best value. Our sea salt wholesale offering is five pounds of pure, kiln-dried Pacific ocean sea salt.
Our sea salt is minimally processed without the use of sulfonated lignin or the addition of anti-caking agents which other wholesale sea salt suppliers may use to process their products.

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approximate cups to one pound4
originunited states

buying & keeping

general guidelines and tips

storage tipsKeep in a sealed container in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaClear granular crystals.


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cosmeticUse to make lip scrubs, cuticle scrubs, facial cleansers and bath salts.
culinaryUse as seasoning, usually with ground black pepper.
householdAdd to the laundry to help remove odors and act as a natural water softener.

flavor profile

5lb bag, large granule
sea salt

Salty! Goes with the usual suspects: black pepper, rosemary, garlic granules, thyme, oregano and many others.

formulas & recipes

5lb bag, large granule
sea salt

Sea salt is prized as having far more flavor and textural interest than ordinary fine table salt. It adds a nice finish to foods because of the pleasant flavor burst and crunch in each bite. Sea salt also has a variety of uses beyond flavoring food. Sea salt is also an excellent medium with which to make natural body scrubs and botanical bath salts.

what else you should know

Health Benefits

Some people believe sea salt is healthier than other types of salt and provides several benefits. Sea salt is mostly composed of sodium chloride. Since sodium plays a vital role in fluid balance, not getting enough of it can lead to dehydration, especially during high-intensity exercise. Having proper fluid balance in the body is also important for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Thus consuming either too little or too much sodium can lead to changes in blood pressure in those who are sensitive to dietary salt. As with any type of salt you consume, do so in moderation and if you have any questions about your salt intake you should consult your doctor.

Additional Information

Our sea salt is 100% pure. This product is not known to be produced with alkali-extracted humic acid, lignin sulfonate, and/or potassium bicarbonate. There are no flowing agents or anti-caking agents added.

This salt is harvested out of the Pacific Ocean, cleaned and washed with sea water brine and kiln dried. The salt is then run through a series of sieves and screens in order to achieve our specifications.

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