[ Recipes for an Herbal Spa Day ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company
Herbal Spa Shadow
Whether you are making formulas for Mother’s Day, or for holiday gifting, or even for your own bathroom shelf these simple concoctions can be tailored to specific individual aromatic or tactile “tastes.”

We encourage experimentation, just remember some essential oil scents are very strong, and a little bit can go a long way. As is, this collection of do-it-yourself herbal spa recipes are sure to delight your senses or those of someone you love.

[ Recipes for an Herbal Spa Day: Scrub & Smooth ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

a. recipes to
scrub & smooth

chamomile & elderflower hand gel
Chamomile and elder flowers combine to sooth minor skin irritations and soften skin. view recipe >

rose and thyme bath scrub
The combination of ground oats and orange peel help to exfoliate skin, which promotes increased cell turnover. view recipe >

peppermint foot scrub
Feet work hard all day, enduring countless steps while squeezed into stuffy shoes or high heels. Follow this treatment with a long soak and your entire being will feel refreshed. view recipe >

yarrow facial toner
This astringent formula helps to reduce redness and inflammation from minor blemishes, insect bites and other skin irritation. view recipe >

brown sugar & vanilla body polish
This body polish smells good enough to eat! (But, please don't.) view recipe >

[ Recipes for an Herbal Spa Day: Bath & Balm ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

b. recipes for
bath & balm

apricot, orange and basil bath oil
A fresh invigorating scent for when you want to energize your day. view recipe >

lemon verbena bubble bath gel
Children will love the sweet-smelling bubbles this formula makes. Why not indulge your inner child too? view recipe >

rose, sweet orange, and geranium bath salts
Soak your cares away in a warm bath scented with this soothing formula. Sea salt is cleansing, while baking soda and essential oils help to restore pH balance to the skin. view recipe >

[ Recipes for an Herbal Spa Day: Soften & Soothe ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

c. recipes to
sooften & soothe

spiced stimulating oil
This oil is spicy, sensuous and stimulating. It's also wonderful for achy, stiff joints and sore muscles. Be careful not to touch your eyes or lips with this oil on your hands because the cayenne can burn tender mucous membranes. The finished product will have a beautiful golden-red tone and will remain viable for six months. view recipe >

sandalwood and rose skin salve
Goes on like a moisturizing salve; lingers like a romantic perfume... view recipe >

calendula & coconut body butter
Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and creates a protective barrier on the skin, which allows it to retain moisture. Calendula contains calendulin, rutin and beta-carotene, which offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for the skin. view recipe >

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[ Recipes for an Herbal Spa Day: Aromatic Adventure ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

d. recipes for
aromatic adventure

lavender ~ vanilla perfume
Nothing says "spring fresh" like this light and wonderful scent! Make extra to give to family and friends. view recipe >