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Boneset Herb Powder

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Boneset, also known as American boneset, is a North American clumping shrub in the daisy family found in damp woodlands, marshes and roadside ditches, or wherever there is water nearby. Its species name reflects the growth habit of the stem that makes it seem to perforate the base of the leaf. Early herbalists took this as a sign that the plant could serve as bandaging to set broken bones, hence the common name bone-set. However, some etymologists believe that the name comes from the fact that 18th century doctors used the plant to treat a form of mosquito-borne virus called breakbone fever, also known as dengue virus. This use led to the additional common names sweating-plant, agueweed and feverwort, as well as the modern study of the plant’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative activities.

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originUnited States
active compoundsPolysaccharides, flavonoids (caffeic acid derivatives, quercetin, kaempferol), sesquiterpene lactones, sterols, triterpenes, alkaloids, tannins, volatile oil.
plant part useddried aerial parts

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.
flavor profileThe bitter flavor of boneset may be offset with crushed fennel, mint or other aromatic herbs.


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cosmeticBoneset powder may be applied as a warm poultice or infused in a hot water as a skin wash.
culinaryPrepare boneset powder as a tea., alone or with other herbs to improve its bitter taste.
wellnessEncapsulate boneset powder as a dietary supplement.
safetyIt should be noted that the fresh herb contains a toxic chemical called tremerol, but this substance is not present in dried boneset. However, the herb also contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can cause liver damage in large amounts. Toxicity may increase if combined with medications that induce CYP3A4 liver enzyme, such as verapamil, phenobarbital, erythromycin and others. Do not use boneset during pregnancy or while nursing.

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This member of the aster family was widely used by Native Americans, who referred to the herb as ague weed. European settlers learned how to use the plant from the Menominee, Delaware, Mohegan, Iroquois and Cherokee, all of which who made infusions of the leaf and bark whenever fevers broke out. In fact, the common name for this plant likely came from its use in the colonies to counter dengue fever, a mosquito-transmitted viral infection known as break-bone fever at the time. The herb was so depended on in the 19th century that it travelled with soldiers into battle during the Civil War.

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