Bulk Black walnut hull cut & sifted

Juglans nigra
Black walnut hull, c/s image
[ 4505 ]Juglans nigra

Black walnut hull cut & sifted

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Black walnut hulls contain a pigment called juglone, which is chemically similar to the pigment found in henna leaf. This chemical protects the tree from disease and competing plants, and lends its astringent, antimicrobial and anti-fungal qualities to various skin care preparations and cosmetics, such as natural hair dye and self-tanning tanning lotions. Black walnut hulls are also used to produce a natural brown dye for ink, wool and other textiles.

contains known allergen: tree nuts

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originunited states
active compoundsJuglone, tannins.
plant part usedfruit
processingcut and sifted
contains known allergen
tree nuts

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general guidelines and tips

storage tipsKeep at room temperature in a tightly-sealed container.
appearance & aromaBlack walnut hulls have an earthy aroma with faint notes of citrus.


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cosmeticDecoct or tincture for use in salves, lotions and other skin care formulas.
culinarySmall amounts may be prepared as tea or combined with other herbs (such as chicory root) as a coffee substitute. Please see safety precautions.
householdBlack walnut hulls many be used to produce varying shades of brown dye and dark brown using iron as a mordant.
wellnessScientists are currently investigating its apoptotic potential of juglone.
industrialBlack walnut hull extracts are used in the food industry to prevent food degradation. Juglone is used in some pesticide formulas.
safetyThe juglone in black walnut hull is toxic to fish, many plants and is a known mutagen in animals. In humans, this chemical can produce symptoms similar to cyanide poisoning. Do not consume in large quantities or use long-term. Internal use for therapeutic purposes should be supervised by a qualified health care practitioner experienced in the administration of this herb. Do not use during pregnancy.

flavor profile

Bitter, astringent taste.

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