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Foeniculum vulgare
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Fennel Seed Whole, Organic

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Fennel seed, known as xiao hui xiang in Tradtional Chinese Medicine, is aromatic and slightly reminiscent of licorice in flavor. The whole seeds are added to soups, sauces and baked goods.

In Italian cuisine, whole fennel seed is the essential ingredient for authentic Italian meatballs and tomato sauce. In India, whole fennel seeds are combined with sesame seeds, coconut flakes and nuts and then roasted and coated with sugar to make a savory-sweet snack known as mukhwa.

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plant part usedseed

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaSmall curved seeds with a fragrance similar to aniseed.


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cosmeticSometimes infused in oil or tinctured to add fragrance to soaps and other cosmetics.
culinaryUse for flavoring cakes, breads, sausage, stuffing and other foods. A tea is made from the crushed seed.
aromaticAdd the crushed seed to incense blends.
industrialFennel seeds is a source of anethole, which is used as a food additive and in the fragrance industry.

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whole organic
fennel seed

Reminiscent of anise. Pairs well with savory herbs, meats and root vegetables.

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whole organic
fennel seed

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whole organic
fennel seed

Fennel, also called sweet fennel, is an evergreen perennial vegetable and herb in the carrot family. In late summer, the yellow flower stalks yield fragrant, edible seeds that are used for flavoring or are sprouted and eaten in salads.

An infusion of the seed is commonly used to ease colic in infants. In fact, the seed is among the ingredients in the traditional tea known as gripe water that European babies and their mothers have enjoyed for centuries.

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