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Rhus coriaria
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Sumac Berry Powder

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Sumac is a deciduous bush or small tree that reaches up to 6-15 feet in height. The plant features long leaves with pinnate veins and multiple pairs of smaller, oval-shaped leaflets. Dark red drupes form at branch tips in clusters called "sumac bobs."

The mature fruits are typically harvested in late summer or early fall and dried and ground into powder.

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active compoundsTannins, polyphenols, flavonoids, organic acids, essential oils.
plant part usedfruit

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storage tipsStore sumac berry powder in a tightly-sealed container in a cool, dry location.
appearance & aromaDeep crimson powder with a bright, pleasant aroma.
flavor profileTart and tangy. Pairs well with other Mediterranean herbs, such as mint, coriander, thyme and oregano.


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cosmeticAdd sumac berry powder to massage oils, foundation powders (test for sensitivity), soaps, lotions and other natural products for vibrant color and antioxidant value.
householdSumac berry powder may be used to dye wool, fabric and other textiles.
culinaryUse sumac berry powder alone or in combination with other herbs and spices to lend a sour, tangy flavor to soups, stews, rice, roasted vegetables and meats, marinades, vinaigrettes and dips. One of the best ways to use sumac berry powder is a finishing seasoning sprinkled on top of dishes.
wellnessEncapsulate sumac berry powder as a dietary supplement.
industrialSumac berry powder is widely used in the spice industry. Oils extracted from sumac berry are traditionally used to make candles and, together with leaves and bark, as a source of tannic acid in the tanning of leather.
safetyNumerous animal and human studies demonstrate that consumption of Rhus coriaria fruit is not associated with toxicity or side effects.
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