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Nettle Root Powder

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Nettle root powder is the dried and ground roots and rhizomes of the stinging nettle plant. While the leaf has a flavor like spinach, the pale, grooved rootstock has a much milder taste and a slight mucilaginous quality. Nettle root powder is traditionally used in male care teas and tonics due to a high concentration of polyphenols, such as p-coumaric, caffeic, and ferulic acids. Nettle root powder is an easy-to-use form of the herb that may be added directly to foods, taken in capsules, or made into pastilles. The powder may also be incorporated into skin care products. .

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active compoundsPhenols, lignans, proteins, starch, gum, albumen, sugars, resins, leanol acid, sterols, steryl glycosides, histamine, acetylcholine, stigmasterol, campesterol and calcium.
plant part usedroot

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storage tipsStore in a container with a tight-fitting lid in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaNettle root powder is pale yellow or beige in color without significant aroma.
flavor profileMild and pleasant.


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cosmeticAdd stinging nettle root powder to topical formulations or infuse in oil for use in soaps. salves, lotions, creams and other skin care products.
culinary Add nettle root extract powder to teas or directly to smoothies, soups, stews and other foods. The powder can also be combined with other herbs and spices and rolled into snack “energy balls.”
wellnessEncapsulate as a dietary supplement, or form into pastilles (soft pills).
safetyNettle root contains compounds that exert diuretic effects. Consult your health care provider before using this herb if you have kidney or bladder disease. Do not use during pregnancy. Nettle root may interfere with certain pharmaceutical medications, including anticoagulants, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, and beta-blockers. Nettle products may increase blood sugar and decrease the effects of anti-diabetes drugs. Talk to your doctor before using this herb if you have diabetes, use diuretic medications or are undergoing treatment for or suspect that you may have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
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