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Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Granules

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Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Granules

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Wholesale Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt so named because it is mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan and India situated at the base of the Himalaya Mountains. Collectively, the six mines in this region are referred to as the Salt Range Mountains and each harbors deep salt deposits that date to the Ediacaran Period of more than 90 million years ago.

The largest mine is the Khewra Mine, which yields approximately 400,000 tons of Himalayan salt each year with a vast amount left for future generations. This makes our wholesale Himalayan pink salt a sustainable product, and because it is harvested by hand it is not chemically treated or contaminated with waste products associated with processing. Our bulk pink Himalayan salt is also naturally free of anti-caking agents.

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