Bulk Sarsaparilla Root (Indian) Cut & Sifted

Hemidesmus indicus
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[ 1257 ]Hemidesmus indicus

Sarsaparilla Root (Indian) Cut & Sifted

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Indian Sarsaparilla is a South Asian species of shrub that grows throughout most of India.

This member of the dogbane family is widely used in Ayurveda, where it is designated one of the Rasayana plants because it contains antioxidants. The root is typically prepared as an infusion or decoction to make teas and syrups.

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approximate cups to one pound4.5
active compoundsPhytosterols, Saponins, Starch, Arspartic acid, Minerals, resin.
plant part usedindian sarsaparilla root
processingcut & sifted

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general guidelines and tips

storage tipsStore in an airtight container away from heat, light and humidity.
appearance & aromaSmall woody chips.


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culinaryPrepare as tea by decocting the dried root. May also be tinctured.
aromaticAdd to resin incense blends.

flavor profile

cut & sifted, indian
sarsaparilla root

Has a velvety, vanilla-like flavor. Pair with warm spices in tea blends.

formulas & recipes

cut & sifted, indian
sarsaparilla root

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what else you should know

cut & sifted, indian
sarsaparilla root

Indian sarsaparilla root is obtained from a twining shrub that grows in South Asia. As the name implies, the herb shares similar aromatic and flavor profiles with Smilax species of sarsaparilla, which most people identify with as the flavoring ingredient in root beer. Because they are sometimes used interchangeably, Indian sarsaparilla is also called false sarsaparilla.

In India, where the herb is known as Nannari, Indian sarsaparilla root is made into a syrup and used to make a popular beverage called Nannari sarbath and Nannari sherbert, both of which are commonly sold by street vendors.

Indian sarsaparilla is also an important Ayurvedic herb. It is used to address excessive heat to balance Pitta dosha, which is associated with the regulation of metabolism and digestion.

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