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Prunus serotina
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[ 129 ]Prunus serotina

Wild Cherry Bark Cut & Sifted

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Wild cherry is a species of tree in the same family as apricot, peach and almond. Also known as Black Cherry, Mountain Black Cherry and Choke Cherry, wild cherry is native to eastern North America.

For centuries, the bark, which contains a variety of tannins, quercetin, kaempferol and other compounds, has been used to make syrups. The bark can also be tinctured or decocted to make infusions or teas.

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approximate cups to one pound6
originunited states
active compoundsBenzaldehyde, Prunasin, Eudesmic acid, Tannins, Coumarins
plant part usedbark
processingcut & sifted

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storage tipsKeep in a tightly sealed container away from direct light, heat and humidity.
appearance & aromaReddish woody chunks with a faint almond-like scent.


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culinaryUse wild cherry bark to make teas and syrups.
safetyDo not consume wild cherry preparations in large doses due to potential cardiac activity. The herb also interferes with medications broken down by CYP3A4 enzymes in the liver.

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cut & sifted
wild cherry bark

Slightly sweet but tart.

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cut & sifted
wild cherry bark

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cut & sifted
wild cherry bark

For many people, the flavor of wild cherry bark is instilled in memories of children’s cough syrup and throat lozenges. Although the flavoring agent used today for these products is often artificial, the flavor choice remains popular.

Using wild cherry bark at home is easy, but it must be handled with care. Unlike other hard materials that need to be decocted, or simmered in boiling water, wild cherry bark must be allowed to steep in hot water and never boiled, or the active compounds in the bark will be lost.

One of the best ways to preserve wild cherry bark is to make a simple syrup, which will last indefinitely if properly stored. To make wild cherry syrup the easy way, just fill a mason jar 2/3 of the way with bark and cover with brandy. After 30-45 days, strain and blend with reserved liquid with an equal amount of honey and bottle.

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