Turmeric Root Cut & Sifted, Organic

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The warm and spicy taste of turmeric is used to season a variety of meat, dishes and beverages across Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Turmeric is also used to produce a deep yellow dye for coloring various textiles. Turmeric plays a part in ceremonial observances and the color is associated with the sacral chakra and fertility.

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approximate cups to one pound7
active compoundsCurcuminoids (curcumin demethoxycurcumin, 5'-methoxycurcumin, dihydrocurcumin), essential oil (3-5%), tumerin, turmeran-D, vitamin A, carotenoids and minerals, sesquiterpenes, carbohydrates, proteins, resins, caffeic acid.
plant part usedroot
processingcut & sifted

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storage tipsStore in a cool, dry place in a sealed container.
appearance & aromaDark golden in color with a mild peppery scent.
flavor profileTurmeric root has a warm, spicy taste with pepper-like notes. Use it with black pepper to increase the absorption of curcuminoids. Pairs well with the flavors if ginger, cardamom and cumin.


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cosmeticInfuse or decoct turmeric root to produce skin tonics, lotions, salves, soaps and other skin care products.
culinaryUse turmeric root in Asian and Indian dishes. Use it to add spicy flavor and bold color to foods, including tea blends (including chai and golden milk), tonic infusions, homemade mustard, sauces and brines.
safetyTurmeric is well tolerated and safe for most people at low doses. Check with your physician if you take blood thinners, anti-diabetes drugs or blood pressure medications because turmeric may increase the effects of these medications. Note that turmeric root contains about 2% oxalate, which could increase the risk of kidney stones in some people with a history of them.

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