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Sarsaparilla Root (Mexican) Powder

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Mexican Sarsaparilla is a climbing vine native to North and South Americas, most notably Mexico and the Mesoamerica region.

The root of the plant has a sweet but slightly bitter flavor. At one time, the distinctive taste of root beer was due to the inclusion of Mexican Sarsaparilla in the original formula. The powdered root is usually used to make infusions and liquid extracts.

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storage tipsStore in a dry location in a tightly-sealed container.
appearance & aromaSandy-colored powder with a scent that combines spicy and floral notes.


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culinaryUse to make infusions, tinctures and extracts. May also be encapsulated as a dietary supplement.

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powdered, mexican
sarsaparilla root

Mexican sarsaparilla tastes like a combination of vanilla with a hint of licorice and the bite of cinnamon.

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powdered, mexican
sarsaparilla root

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powdered, mexican
sarsaparilla root

Mexican sarsaparilla root is harvested from a climbing vine-like tropical plant in the lily family. Because the plant features sharp thorns and is sometimes grown as a living security fence, it is referred to as a greenbrier, which is also the name given for the thicket in which it is purposely grown to keep intruders and stray animals out.

The people of Mexico and Central America have used the root for centuries as a general tonic and rejuvenator. Merchants engaged in the spice trade learned how to use the herb while in the region and introduced its virtues to European physicians in the early 15th century.

Mexican sarsaparilla contains several active compounds that are responsible for its wider range of pharmacological effects, including a variety of plant sterols, saponins and flavonoids.

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