Bulk African Bird Pepper (90M HU) Powder

Capsicum annuum
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[ 983 ]Capsicum annuum

African Bird Pepper (90M HU) Powder

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African bird pepper powder adds pungent flavor and fiery color to foods.

This powdered chili pepper pairs especially well with rice and bean dishes, chilis, soups and stews.

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approximate cups to one pound5
active compoundscapsaicin, carotenoids, flavonoids, volatile oil, steroidal saponins
plant part useddried fruit
why buy powdered african bird pepper, 90M HU?Adds pungent and fiery flavor to sauces, condiments and rubs.

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container away from direct light, heat and moisture.
appearance & aromaRed powder; releases spicy-sweet scent when heated.
how hot is this pepper?90M HU
In the Scoville Heat Unit Scale M means thousands, and the HU is short for Heat Units, which measure the amount of capsaicin the pepper contains.


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culinaryAdd in moderation to soups, sauces, dips, marinades and rubs.
wellnessMay be encapsulated as a dietary supplement.
safetyDo not allow powder to come in contact with eyes, nose or lips. Wash hands after handling.
african bird pepper

flavor profile

powdered african bird pepper, 90M HU

Pungent in flavor and moderately hot.

culinary companions

Pairs well with tomatoes, onions and garlic. Complements sweet and warm spices, such as cinnamon, allspice and cumin.


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african bird pepper

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powdered african bird pepper, 90M HU

In Africa, bird peppers are collectively referred to as pili pili (can also be spelled peri peri, or piri piri), and the ground fruits are common seasoning for roasted fish and meat. African bird pepper is also popular in Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Filipino cuisines, where it is frequently used to add fiery heat to sweet and sour dishes, curries and flavored vinegars.

Chili peppers, including African bird peppers, contain a variety of antioxidants and significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid and potassium. These peppers also contain a compound called capsaicin, which is involved in modulating pain signaling in nerve cells. As such, this compound is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in over-the-counter topical ointments and creams formulated to decrease swelling and pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

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