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Cleavers herb Powder

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Cleavers is an edible, creeping wildflower in the madder family also known as catchweed bedstraw, clivers, Velco plant, sticky willy and many other common names. Historically, the herb has been used to support urinary and lymphatic health. Cleavers herb powder may be used to produce make teas, tinctures and tonics, or it may be encapsulated as a dietary supplement. Thanks to astringent and inflammatory properties, cleavers herb powder is a great addition to skin care products.

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active compoundsAlkaloids, anthraquinones, chlorogenic acids, coumarins, iridoids (monotropein, asperulosidic acid, and asperuloside) alkanes, flavonoids (quercetin and kaempferol), phenols, saponins and tannins.
plant part usedLeaf and flower

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storage tipsStore in an air-tight container in a cool, dark pantry or cabinet.
appearance & aromaDull green in color without significant aroma.
flavor profileThe flavor of cleavers herb powder, which is slightly bitter, is improved by pairing it with other herbs, such as chamomile or green tea.


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cosmeticInfuse cleavers herb powder in oil for use in making lotions, creams and soaps. Make a strong hot water infusion to make skin washes, facial toners, shampoos and other products for hair and skin.
culinaryAdd cleavers herb powder to smoothies, protein drinks, yogurt, soups and stews. The powder may also be used to make teas.
wellnessEncapsulate as a dietary supplement.
safetyThere are no adverse reactions recorded in the medical literature. However, check with your health care provider before using this herb if you are pregnant or nursing.
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