Caraway Seed Whole, Organic

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Although caraway seed is most commonly combined with cooked cabbage (sauerkraut) and slaw, caraway seeds are a tasty finish added to sweet and savory foods in the final moments of cooking.

Because caraway is said to keep true love from straying, the seed is traditionally given to homing pigeons to help to encourage them to return to their home roost.

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approximate cups to one pound4
active compoundsVolatile oil, bitters, tannin, resin, wax, mucilage, sugar, and cellulose. Carvol and carvene.
plant part usedseed
why buy organic whole caraway seed?flavorful and aromatic

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storage tipsStore in a sealed container away from light, heat and moisture.
appearance & aromaLight brown and crescent-shaped with a spicy aroma.


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culinaryAdd to baked goods, soups, stews and dishes that feature rice or couscous.

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[ tip: Use caraway and lovage together in teas and digestifs. ]

Use caraway and lovage together in teas and digestifs.

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flavor profile

organic, whole
caraway seed

Pungent and spicy with a faint note of citrus. Goes well with cabbage, potato, tomato, cucumber, juniper, cumin and fennel.

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organic, whole
caraway seed

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organic, whole
caraway seed

Caraway is a spice of ancient origin and with a history of use dating back at least 5,000 years. It is a key flavoring in many traditional foods of Central and Eastern Europe. Although caraway seed doesn’t harmonize with a great variety of other herbs and spices, it has a kinship with juniper in German schweinsbraten (roasted pork and vegetables) and sauerkraut (fermented cabbage).

In Ireland, England and in the bulk of central European countries, the use of caraway is limited to baked goods, specifically tea breads. Irish soda bread is to the Isle of Green what British seed cake is to the United Kingdom, although the former is more bread-like and latter more reminiscent of pound cake.

Caraway seed is also used in tea blends and tonics to help ease digestion. In Germany and Scandinavia a sweet liquor called kummel is produced, which is flavored with caraway seed, cumin and fennel. In Scotland, this beverage is known as “putting mixture” and is traditionally served in the clubhouses of the country’s most acclaimed golf courses.

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