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Bay Leaf Whole

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Wreaths of whole bay leaves were worn by ancient Greek scholars, a symbol still associated with higher learning today. Added to soups and stews, dried bay leaf lends a peppery taste with notes somewhere between oregano and marjoram.

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approximate cups to one pound50
active compoundscineole (up to 45%), myrcene, eugenol, lauric acid, linalool, geraniol and terpineol
plant part usedleaf
processingwhole bay leaf
why buy dried bay leaf?Full flavor of bay leaf develops after leaves are dried.

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general guidelines and tips

storage tipsStore in a sealed container away from direct heat, light and moisture.
appearance & aromaMedium green in color with a slightly peppery aroma.
good vs badWhole bay leaf retains flavor for several years, although color may fade.


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cosmeticUse in infused oils and vinegars for hair and skin.
decorativeCombine with pine cones, juniper, allspice berries and other plant materials as potpourri.
culinaryAdd to soups, stews, braised meats, fish and vegetable dishes.
householdDeters mice, moths and some insects.
aromaticMay be burned as incense. Certain aromatic compounds are isolated from the herb for use in cough medicine, mouthwash and perfumes.
safetyBay leaf edges are sharp and should be removed after cooking.

flavor profile

bay leaf

Bay has a mild but warm flavor, like a cross between oregano and clove.

culinary companions

Adds depth to roasted and braised foods, bean dishes and adobo recipes.

what else you should know

bay leaf

To the ancient Greeks, bay laurel represented great athletic and literary achievement and was either worn about the head in a wreath or was presented in a ceremony of recognition. The herb was believed to enhance and support memory, so Greek students often wore strands of bay leaves around their heads as this was thought to help recall information during exams.

Bay laurel is a widely used herb throughout the world, but is most commonly found in Indian, Greek, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is an ingredient in the Indian spice mix garam masala and the French bouquet garni. In Thailand, where it is known as bai kra wan, bay is paired with turmeric,cardamom,  star anise, cashews and coconut milk to make Massaman curry.

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