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Burdock Root Powder, Organic

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approximate cups to one pound6
plant part usedroot

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storage tipsStore in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
appearance & aromaWoody, tan colored powder with no detectable aroma.


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cosmeticUse alone or combine with other herbs to make washes for skin and hair.
culinaryPowdered burdock root can be used encapsulated as a supplement.
safetyMay increase the effects of diuretics.

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organic powdered
burdock root

Slightly sweet but pungent.


organic powdered
burdock root

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organic powdered
burdock root

Burdock is indigenous to Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean and Middle East. The herb made a new home in North America, however, as it travelled with early English and French colonists. Burdock established itself and spread so prolifically throughout the colonies that a botanist mistakenly classified the plant as a native species in the mid-1600s. Today, with the exception of a few places along the southern border, burdock can be found just about everywhere in the United States.

In Europe, it is said that burdock is a favorite herb of the “little people.” In Cornwall, pixies are reputed to ride young colts thunderously across the fields at night while plaiting the animal’s manes with Bobby buttons, or burdock burrs.

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