Alkanet Root Powder

[ 1864 ]
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Alkanet, a botanical cousin to borage, also known as dyer’s bugloss, yields a deep red to purple dye, which is used to stain wood, fabrics, wines, soaps, lotions, lip balms and other cosmetics.

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approximate cups to one pound5
plant part usedroot

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why buy alkanet root powder?Use to tint cosmetics and fabrics.
storage tipsStore in a cool, dark place.
appearance & aromaPowdered root is deep red in color.


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cosmeticMix with arrowroot powder for use as a natural blush, or infuse in a carrier oil that will be used in salves, balms, lotions and other cosmetic formulas.
culinaryNot for internal use.
industrialUsed in Australia as a food dye and formerly used in Europe for this purpose but is now banned.
safetyThis herb should not be used internally because alkaloids in the plant are suspected carcinogens.

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Blend alkanet with arrowroot and beetroot (below) powders to achieve the desired shade for blush.

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Beet root can be used as a natural blush.

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Background: Used by French women as a temporary make-up solution. Some cultures use the root and turn it into a dye which is then utilized in decorations and staining procedures.

Description: Alkanet is a biennial herb cultivated in Central and Southern Europe. It has oblong leaves that grow on a thick hairy stem which rises to approximately 1-3 feet. Its flowers bloom between May and August and are violet-tinted.

Safety: If taken over a long period of time, Alkanet can cause cancer.

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