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In our catalog you will find over 1000 items. Cinnamon, cloves and chamomile are some of the popular herbs and spices that most people will recognize. We also carry some of the more obscure bulk herbs like tonka beans and tansy herb . Or how about something like valerian root that smells like 20 day old gym socks that is commonly consumed as a tea for its sedative properties.

Our bulk tea section is always growing. Here we offer loose leaf teas including green teas , natural fruit flavored teas as well as our handcrafted herbal teas . You will also find some of the latest popular teas like rooibos tea from South Africa and the rare white tea from China. We have recently added a new herbal tea , hibiscus mint . This tea brews as a rich red color and has a sweet mint profile. If you prefer tea bags to loose leaf teas you can purchase these from our " bulk tea bag " section or you can make your own tea bags using our empty tea bags that we call Press-N-Brew .

In addition to our bulk herbs , herbal teas and potpourri ingredients we offer large jars, small jars, boston round bottles, various tea accessories, tea strainers, empty tea bags , capsule machines, muslin herbs bags , gelatin capsules , essential oils and much more.