Seasoning Salt

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As far as general additions to cooking adventures, seasoning salt is at the head of the class! An all-around augmentation to cooking, seasoning salt can be sprinkled over roasted meats, stirred into salad dressings, or dashed over roasted vegetables! With aromatic elements of garlic and onion and a smoky hint of heat from pepper and paprika, our seasoning salt brings a golden hue and a taste boost to any dish!

Seasoning Salt
In this flavorful mixture, salt, considered the flavor of life, joins with its table mate, black pepper, and pairs with onion, garlic, celery seed, cumin seed, turmeric, and paprika to lend smoky and savory flavor to a wide variety of foods. Use it to season roasted and grilled meats and vegetables, potatoes, eggs, soup, dry rubs and more!

Salt, onion, garlic, celery seed, pepper, paprika, cumin seed, and turmeric.

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Monterey Bay Herb Company

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