Curry Powder

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When most people hear "curry," they envision smoke pouring out of their ears! Curries, like any other hot spice, are usually about flavour first and heat second. Our Curry Powder is no exception and it presents a variety of traditional spices that create a powerful impact on any sauce. With the zing of ginger and the zip of mustard, this golden spice puts the flavor out front for everyone's enjoyment!

Curry Powder
Cumin, ginger and mustard gives our traditional blend of curry powder deep, earthy flavor, while fenugreek, turmeric and coriander introduce both sweet and savory undertones.

This unique combination of spices has a long history of use dating to 1700 BC Mesopotamia, or what is present day Iraq. Although it is used in many world cuisines, curry powder is essential to Indian and Southeast Asian cooking. But curry powder isn’t limited to Indian curries, soups and stews. Try a dash with scrambled eggs, add to chicken or potato salad, sprinkle over vegetables and oven fries before roasting, or mix with mayonnaise or yogurt to use as a dipping sauce (great with oven fries!). The culinary possibilities are endless!

Coriander, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin, ginger, and mustard.

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