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A superfood is a food that qualifies as "super" because it is nutrient dense and calorie scarce. While the term is relatively new in foodie and fitness vernacular, and is frequently tossed around in the world of marketing like wet lettuce in a spinner, its existence is anything but new.
In fact, a superfood is only novel in that it is naturally occurring—that is, it comes from the ground or is plucked off a living plant or tree and not turned out of a lab or pulled off an assembly line. But what really makes a simple food super is that its complex composition of nutrients complement each other like sidekicks in synergy.

six super simple superfoods

[ 6 Super Simple Superfoods: Chia Seed ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

a. classic chia

The same seed that gave us the clay Chia Pets in the 1970s is now hailed as a modern superfood.

Interestingly enough, South American natives have thought of chia this way for centuries. In fact, the word “chia” translates to “strength” in ancient Mayan, and the seed was coveted during times of famine and carried by soldiers when traveling great distances. Chia seed was so highly valued that it was even used as currency at one time.

Today, the tiny seed is prized as a powerhouse of nutrition that includes protein, fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.

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[ chia seed ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

[ 6 Super Simple Superfoods: Flax Seed ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

b. fixation for flax

Flax, also known as linseed, is one of the earliest cultivated seed crops, with evidence dating to 3000 BC to indicate it was widely grown by the ancient Egyptians. King Charlemagne, the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, was so fond of flax as a superfood that he mandated that his subjects regularly consume it to ensure good public health.

Modern science tells us what the good king suspected—flax seed is a significant source of protein, both soluble and insoluble fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins. One caveat: although whole flax seeds have a tasty, nutty flavor, the high fiber content necessitates grinding the seed to better absorb the nutrients. You can choose to grind the seed yourself, or purchase flax meal that has been pre-ground. (Scroll down)

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[ flax seed ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

[ 6 Super Simple Superfoods: Spirulina ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

c. spirulina spunk

Spirulina is a freshwater plant commonly referred to as blue-green algae, although it isn’t an algae but the product of two species of cyanobacteria named Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima.

The uniqueness of this plant is appreciated when you consider that it is classified as a bacteria because its nucleus lacks a protective membrane, yet it manufactures energy through photosynthesis like plants do and that other bacteria cannot.

What makes this simple form of life such a superfood is the presence of all nine essential amino acids and that it consists of up to 70% digestible protein.

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[ spirulina ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

[ 6 Super Simple Superfoods: Goji Berry (Lycii Berry)  ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

d. go, go, goji

Also known as wolfberry or lycii, goji is the fruit of an Asian species of shrub in the nightshade family, which makes the plant related to tomato, potato and eggplant. The dried berries closely resemble raisins, but are red in color and have a slightly tart, sour flavor.

Goji is commonly used in Asian cuisine as a flavoring and nutrient additive to soups, stews, tonics and rice congee. Elsewhere, the colorful berries are added to smoothies, cereals, baked goods, teas and “functional” wines and cordials.

According to Chinese legend, an herbalist named Li Qing Yuen reputedly lived to be 256 years old thanks for having a penchant for goji. While the validity of this story may be questionable, the known qualifications of goji berry as a superfood are almost too numerous to mention, but in brief include several phytosterols and carotenoids, 11 essential fatty acids and 22 trace minerals.

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[ goji berry ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

[ 6 Super Simple Superfoods: Bee Pollen ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

e. buzzed over bee pollen

Bee pollen is the product of the worker honeybee, who must toil for about 240 hours to collect roughly 2.5 billion grains of microscopic floral male seed particles to come up with just one teaspoon of this golden ambrosia.

Also known as bee bread, this material stumps modern science when it comes to its exact composition. Although we know that bee pollen consists of 40% protein, B-complex vitamins and folic acid, it contains a “secret” component known only to bees. In fact, experiments show that lab-synthesized bee pollen fed to honeybees causes their demise, even though all of the known ingredients are in there.

Aside from marveling at this amazing feat on the part of honeybees, we can also appreciate the fact that bee pollen provides nearly complete nutrition for people. Note: For best quality, store bee pollen granules in the refrigerator or freezer.

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[ bee pollen ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

[ 6 Super Simple Superfoods: Coconut Oil ] ~ from Monterey Bay Spice

f. nuts for coconut oil

Coconut oil is obtained by cold-pressing dried coconut kernels, which are collectively called copra. Because coconut oil has a high melting point that exceeds 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it is solid at room temperature.

The unique thing about this super food is that about 90% of its composition consists of saturated fats. Wait…what? It’s okay. The fatty acids in coconut, namely lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, not only possess antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, but they’re also medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are readily assimilated and metabolized in the body. In fact, the nutritional benefits of MCTs from coconut oil are often delivered intravenously to the critically ill and premature infants in hospital intensive care units.

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[ coconut oil ] ~ from Monterey Bay Herb Company

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