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Grape Seed Powder

Grape Seed Powder

[ 1910 ]
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per 1/4 Pound
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per Pound

Powdered grape seed is a convenient way to add antioxidants to smoothies, teas, hot or cold cereals, yogurt and other foods. Grape seed powder can also be added to flour when baking or making homemade pasta dough.

The powder can also be encapsulated and taken as a dietary supplement.

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approximate cups to one pound6
originunited states
active compoundsFlavonoids, Tannins, Tartrates, Inositol, Carotenes, Choline, Anthocyanidins, Pproanthocyanidins, and Oligomer Proanthocyanidins (OPCs).
plant part usedseed

buying & keeping

general guidelines and tips
storage tipsKeep in an airtight container in a dark cabinet or pantry.
appearance & aromaFine powder without remarkable aroma.


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cosmeticInfuse in oil or tincture for use in facial serums and body lotions and creams.
culinaryUse in tea blends, add to smoothies and fruit juices or add to pasta or bread dough before baking. Powdered grape seed may also be encapsulated as a dietary supplement.
safetyGrape seed supplements may increase the effects of blood-thinning medications.

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[ tip: Encapsulate powdered grape seed with nettle leaf for a well-rounded dietary supplement.  ~ from Monterey Bay Spice Company ]

Encapsulate powdered grape seed with nettle leaf for a well-rounded dietary supplement.

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[ tip: Easily fill two dozen 500mg capsules in just a few steps. ~ from Monterey Bay Spice Company ]

Easily fill two dozen 500mg capsules with powdered grape seed blends in just a few steps.

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flavor profile

grape seed

Powdered grape seed is typically encapsulated due to bitter flavor.

formulas & recipes

grape seed

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what else you should know

grape seed

There is documented evidence to suggest that the common grape has been enjoyed by humans for at least 6,500 years. Grapes are mentioned in the writings of Homer (700 BC), are described in the Bible and Egyptian tombs bear artful representations of the fruit. The grape, which is native to Asia near the Caspian Sea, is still one of the most widely cultivated fruit crops in the Mediterranean region. Surprisingly, however, the fruit wasn't introduced to North America until the 17th century.

Grape seeds contain concentrated amounts of flavonoids and other compounds with potent antioxidant properties, including linoleic acid, vitamin E and a group of phytochemicals called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, or OPCs.

Background: Recent discoveries estimate a history of human use of the Vitis vinifera plant of more than 6500 years. References to grapes are numerous. They are included in the writings of Homer (700 BC), and in the Bible. Egyptian tombs bear artful representations of the fruit. One of the most widely grown fruit crops, it is native to Asia near the Caspian Sea, introduced to North America in the 17th century.

Description: Native to southern Europe and western Asia, grapes are cultivated in warm temperate regions throughout the world mainly for their fruit. It is a deciduous climber with erect rambling stems, tendrils, palm shaped leaves, and clusters of small pale green flowers. The green, red, or purple fruits are presented in dangling bunches. Established grape plants can tolerate environments where the temperature dips to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

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